What if their pay checks were halted???

Dems threaten to bring gov’t to halt even as GOP plots victory lap over expected tax reform

In the peanut gallery: The Three Musketeers and one fool. I will leave that up to the readers as to which one of the fools is the fool. Chose carefully.

The vast majority of politicians, do not make their decisions on what is BEST FOR ALL THE AMERICANS; they base their opinions on their personal like, dislike and their own agenda.  That goes for all of them, no matter what side of the isle they are sleeping on.


  Two of Biden’s outstanding talents

When are the PC-ers going to go after Joe for his indiscretions with the ladies??  He has to be one of the top offenders.

There is only one way to move them along is to at a respectable pace is light a fire under their ass.  If they are personally affected by the decisions they make, then and only then would we see any decisive actions.

Washington Post

Congress gets paid during a shutdown, while staffers don’t.

It’s one of the cruel paradoxes of the government shutdown: The politicians who are most responsible for the chaos will still get paid. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of federal workers either get sent home or see their paychecks delayed.

Incidents like this only tell us pee-ons one thing; what is good for the birds on the top branch is not good for the bottom squatters.

The bandits without masks (politicians), slipped in a clause that states; if the governments shut down for any reason, their pay checks would NOT be stopped. How do we like those little GREEN APPLES.

There may have been a few real believers over the years that ran for public office because they wanted to make changes for the better. BUT; as soon as they became part of the establishment/crooked wheel, they fell right in line with the rest of the thieves.

The old saying used to be; let your voice be heard by the way you vote!! We all know that is a lot of .

The saddest part of any election is; the American people are always FORCED to vote for the best of the worst.




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