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The Walking Dead, Vol. 16: A Larger World (2012)

by Robert Kirkman(Favorite Author)
4.15 of 5 Votes: 1
1607065592 (ISBN13: 9781607065593)
Image Comics
review 1: It's generally strong. The new characters and locations are interesting and rather distinct, though it does feel like a slight rehashing of the prison part of the story. It did seem pacing and resolution came a little too cleanly and quickly. Then again, I guess one justification can be the medium. Another justification can be Jesus, which is hilariously appropriate for a story of the zombie apocalypse.
review 2: I like that Kirkman has started to explore the process of rebuilding civilization, rather than merely surviving. The series as a whole is addicting. The pace of the story telling makes it hard not to keep picking up the next oe immediately after finishing the previous volume. I'm anxiously waiting for Vol. 17 to come in at the library. That being said
... moreI found the part where Rick started making out with Daryl to be really odd. less
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Love this series and this one wasn't bad at all.
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