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The Fourth Awakening Chronicles Book I (2009)

by Rod Pennington(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 2
Integration Press, LLC
review 1: Pennington should apologize to those who are truly enlightened. For a mindless (ironic huh, given the topic of mindfulness) purpose of vacation reading, it works, but just barely. I can get the premise of an evolutionary/cultural process leading to the fourth awakening of enlightenment. What I don't get is why the lead character is so particularly valuable to Michael Walker's story, since he fed this Pulitzer Price journalist every part of her story, but in particular why someone who is allegedly well on the path to enlightenment manifest this as parlor tricks such as finding the best parking place rather than something more valuable.
review 2: "At any given moment the signals from radio stations, a dozen television stations, countless cell cell phones, police
... moreradios, and taxi cabs are passing through your body. They are also passing through the bodies of everyone around you but no one hears them. Just because they are not heard doesn't mean they don't exist. Thoughts are the same way."I thought this was the perfect quote to sum up the book. If you're interested in the power of thought and want an interesting story to go along with it, this might be the book for you. There were a few grammatical errors, but the biggest reason I couldn't give this book more stars was that it had no real antagonist. The antagonists they did have were shallow one dimensional characters made to look like villains but don't seem to give the protagonists too much trouble. It needed a lot more suspense. Most of the book is taken up by two extremely lengthy dialogue exchanges which could have been done through action scenes. But, there was hardly any action either. This book is primarily an intellectual exercise in the power of thought. But very little time is devoted to a compelling, thrilling story. Thus, the three stars in that I liked it, but could have been a lot better if executed properly. less
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A good read. A little humor, romance, adventure and mystery helps a strong woman grow.
Interesting story about a next era starting.
Interesting dialectical fiction.
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