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A Witch In Love (2012)

by Ruth Warburton(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 2
1444904701 (ISBN13: 9781444904703)
Hodder Children's Books
Winter Trilogy
review 1: When I first started this series, I was like ok, another series with the same old cliche of boy-girl romance, break up and reunion... Well this is also same but the maturity of the characters is what I liked most and the English setting, their expression are a new experience, the only disappointing thing for me is the lack of spatial exploration, at first it was fine but later there is none...Coming to the story, well it rocked and the individualism and the not so cheesey romance and relationships are a plus.....Started reading the final installment eagerly.........
review 2: The 2nd book of this series was even better than the first. I enjoyed how each of the books so far had something to do with a groups that are after Anna. In the first book, it;'s the Ealdw
... moreitan and the 2nd the Malleus Maleficarum. I think it's cool that Anna is discovering more things about her mother and her family's past. I hope she will find out more about that in the 3rd book. Although, I liked Seth, I sort of understand how she might think he's still under her enchantment. I think that maybe she should give Abe a chance. We'll see what happens in the last book. I love this series! less
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this book is sooo so so soooooo good i think that if you dont read it you never had a reading life
I liked this, a continuing good addition to the witchy genre of "I love him but" books.
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