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Isle Of Man (2013)

by Ryan Winfield(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 4
0988348233 (ISBN13: 9780988348233)
Birch Paper Press
Park Service Trilogy
review 1: I finished this book last night and have already downloaded Book 3 of the trilogy. Once again Aubrey has several adventures, many harrowing, There are some horrifying incidents and it's no spoiler to say that he survives on to Book 3. However, there is still enough doubt as to the outcome that I continued turning pages to see what happened next. My only criticism of this book is the "pig people." I feel they would have been more effective characters if they had been more believable, i.e. just savage survivors.
review 2: I finished Isle of Man two days ago, however I was so wrapped in Aubrey and Jimmy's world that I continued straight on with State of Nature. Waiting to write the review has not diminished my original impressions of Isle in the least. It was well
... more written, flowing from scene to scene. Once again, Mr. Winfield is able to paint a picture with words and allow his readers to see the scenery unfold before their eyes. The bond that continues to grow between Aubrey and Jimmy is touching, it is not overly cliché or cheesy. Ryan continues to write them both with respect and dignity. It is hard to write two teenagers as the main characters with believable interactions, here time and again RW pulls it off. Way to go with the plot twists! I won't give anything away, all I will say is these were well executed and believable. Now I'm on to write my review of State of Nature!! less
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Good read. I love when you have a trilogy and you find you enjoy the second book to!
I enjoyed this entire series.........well written, unusual and believable
Wow....what the heck just happened!!!! People are so diabolical!
Great continuation of the first book that I couldn't put down.
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