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Slouching Towards Adulthood (2012)

by Sally Koslow(Favorite Author)
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Penguin Group
review 1: If you are a boomer parent you may find this more interesting. I was interested in finding books about failing to launch because my own son just graduated high school and seems to have little ambition. Unfortunately, I could not relate to the book because I was a young single parent-I am the product of the boomer gen. not my son. Yet I felt that she used the term boomer parent too broadly. Boomers were born between 1946-1964. So technically many of the twenty somethings struggling right now have parents whose parents were the boomers. There was a bit of a generalization and disconnect for me. She should have just focused on the age of the children-not the parents. That being said I fell asleep every two to three pages. Funny yes, but she was giving me stats from a very sma... morell sample-it seemed to be mainly Jewish families she knew who tended to be wealthier. Maybe I missed something. But again, it didn't fit the wider demographic I was looking for.Can anyone recommend a book for me? One on how to motivate your young adult to become an adult?
review 2: I found this book fascinating and terribly sad at the same time. The trends and the reasons for them are fascinating, and will/are affecting our culture and society quite strongly. But the evidence of a generational short-sightedness and inability to commit to a task, job, or a person is very sad and rather scary. I have two main quibbles with the book, both stylistic; I found it a little monotonous to read mini-interviews the whole way through (and thought a little more data would have been helpful). Also, there were passages that were not as clearly written as they could have been. And of course the premise of the book is based on generalizations; I know many exceptions to the overall characterization of my generation, and I'm sure you do too.I hope to get my mum's take on this, since she's a baby boomer.Worth a read and some thought, especially on the part of those who wish to minister to this generation. less
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This could have been shortened into a pretty average magazine article. Also, no bibliography???
Overly pessimistic about Millennials.Comically hagiographic in regards to baby boomers.
Poorly written. Only a couple of new insights, no solutions.
A great nonfiction read.
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