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The Coincidence Engine (2011)

by Sam Leith(Favorite Author)
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1408802341 (ISBN13: 9781408802342)
Bloomsbury UK
review 1: For me, this book balanced fairly perfectly between readability and good writing - it was engaging and entertaining without being unsatisfying to the part of me that craves more from my reading. There were moments where the writing really shone, a few observations that struck me as insightful (loved the bit about money being imaginary.) It did at times give in too much to driving the plot along, but what really knocked this down to four stars from five, for me, was the ending. The plot was the kind of thing that had enough twists to promise a really mind-boggling ending. Instead, the end was mundane, predictable, and didn't really explain what came before it in a satisfactory way. But all in all, I was very pleasantly surprised.
review 2: Oh my…this was a jui
... morecy, nerdy, contemporary fiction read. Mathematicians, graduate students, operatives from the Directorate of the Extremely Improbable populate this fun, funny book about what happens when ordinary people get caught in the middle of very strange things happening. Why are all the cars on the freeway white? Why does the iPod play the same song over and over, even though it is set on random? Why do you end up in the same motel as the person you are trying to find, only you don’t learn this until the next day? Are these things truly coincidental, or is there some mechanism driving the probabilities? And if there is, what is it, who created it, and what is its purpose? Two fictional (or are they?) government agencies are trying to answer these questions as they chase a young Brit across the southern United States on his quest to reach his girlfriend in San Francisco where he plans to propose marriage. I know it sounds zany…and that’s because it is. I knew a book that started with a vintage airplane that seemed to create itself out of tin cans in the middle of Alabama and then promptly exploded leaving behind a stripper dressed as a pilot was going to be good. But I didn’t bank on it being filled with dry British wit and characters so quirky I wanted to meet them at a cocktail party. less
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I was moderately entertained, and I did finish it, so I'm giving it 2 stars.
This was a little confusing. I struggled keeping the characters straight.
excellent! exciting plot, diverse characters, and a satisfying ending.
A promising idea, but I din't find the details convincing
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