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Her Favourite Temptation (2013)

by Sarah Mayberry(Favorite Author)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 2
Mills & Boon Series Special Releases
Mathews Sisters
review 1: This was a really good read (I've never read Sarah Mayberry before). Set in Australia, he is 1/2 of a world famous rock group. She's a medical doctor, unhappy with her surgery career and wanting to change to another medical field, to the extreme consternation of her mother. Doctor and rocker live in adjoining apartments. Doctor is very career minded and has no idea who rocker is.Turns out rocker has moved next door to doctor (in Melbourne) because he has a brain tumor and needs surgery at Melbourne hospital. He is paralyzed with fear that he'll either die in surgery or something terrible physically will happen from the surgery. He doesn't tell neighbor doctor what's going on but rocker wants one last glorious night in case he's never able to have another one so the d... moreoctor and rocker "get it on" and, of course, fall in love.There is a complication from surgery that might mean the rocker can never play guitar again so our good doctor goes to work to find something to help.As I said, I really enjoyed this story. Angst was kept to a minimum. The story just moved right along to a wonderful conclusion.
review 2: This book will forever be imprinted as 'the book..of all books' to me. The reason is, if this book wasn't free on iBooks, I'd never have FOUND Sarah Mayberry. I shudder to think that I may never have discovered such talent if I'd never read this freebie and decided I wanted more of the Mathew sisters, more of Sarah Mayberry. After reading 'favourite temptation', I simply had to seek out her other books, and just like that I became hooked. less
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Very sweet story you love no matter what even when you don't expect it.
Great angst, great conflict. Mayberry brings home a real good one.
Cute. The resolution was really abrupt, though.
Good book. Sweet characters.
Good airplane read.
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