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On Distant Shores (2013)

by Sarah Sundin(Favorite Author)
4.31 of 5 Votes: 2
0800720822 (ISBN13: 9780800720827)
Wings of the Nightingale
review 1: This book takes place during WWII and deals with many issues that people faced in the military during that time. Georgie is a flight nurse who is engaged to a farmer back home, while Hutch is an army pharmacist who is also engage to a gal back home. The author does a wonderful job laying out these two stories so they intertwine into a great story that is believable. Sundin once again does a great job developing her characters and making them grow/change throughout the novel in believable ways. I also love the historical pieces that are mixed in.
review 2: The first book in this series, With Every Letter, was so good I was hesitant to read this one, thinking that it could never live up to the first but it really did! Even though I wasn't sure how much I'd like
... moreGeorgie, she really grew on me. She met her match in Hutch because they really helped each other grow. I thought they wouldn't get together for most of the book because of their fiances but they actually break up with their fiances halfway through the book. The rest of the book focuses on their respective struggles and obstacles in their relationship: Georgie trying not to waver in the face of crisis but focusing on God and Hutch trying to become an officer in the Pharmacy Corps. I appreciate Ms. Sundin's writing because she really weaves God into the whole storyline and in each character's growth. It's not a token "praying to God for help in times of trouble" or saying pat words about God. Both George and Hutch really grow as Christians and learn to do everything for an audience of One rather than for others or for self. I appreciated learning about the role of pharmacists during WWII and the obstacles they faced. I liked that the ending was not a typical "characters get everything they want" but it was learning to be content in the circumstances that God placed them. On a side note, Tom and Mellie's story (from With Every Letter) is advanced a little bit more in this book and I was so glad to see them! I just love that couple. I really enjoyed this book and I can't wait to read Kay's story. Her storyline in this book really piqued my interest. I'm sure Roger won't know what hit him. less
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DNF -- poorly written initial chapters did nothing to draw me into the story. A yawner for sure.
Once I read the first book, I had to read this one immediately! Didn't disappoint.
A really sweet novel, but I found it a bit too romance-y for my taste...
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