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A Herança Da Armada Invencível (2013)

by Scott Mariani(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 5
Ben Hope
review 1: I really like the characters of Ben and Brooke. While formulaic, rather predictable, inconsistent and not particularly well written, the previous books Mariani wrote about Ben Hope were rather interesting, at times compelling, all in all quite enjoyable. The plot always dragged in the beginning and was often completed in a rush... The problem with this last installment is that there is virtually no plot. And even the thin thread there is is justified by nearly impossible chances...Avoid, unless you really have to go ahead with the series due to OCD like me :)
review 2: Ben Hope's girlfriend Brooke Marcel is definitely in thewrong place at the wrong time. She is in Donegal Ireland at a friends invitation attending a party which leads to a deadly kidnapping. When
... more Ben hears of her kidnapping he heads to Ireland to investigate as only he can. He findsthat there is some link between the kidnapping and the salvage of a 16th century Spanish warship and the secretsof its wealthy discoverer. Ben's search leads him from Ireland to the Spanish mountains and into the rain forestsof Peru. As this trail of mayhem intensifies he soon discovers a web of intrigue, corruption and brutal murder.Adding to this will he be in time to save Brooke. This is book 8 in Scott Mariani's Ben Hope series and it is apage turner as are all of the others.. less
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A good action read but i can't help but miss the saving the world/deadly artefact stories
Another cracking Ben Hope story, long may they last
another great scott mariani book
More James Bond than dan brown
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