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My Lunatic Life (2000)

by Sharon Sala(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 3
Lunatic Life
review 1: Very cool book. I liked the ghost thing, thats cool and the phsycic thing thats cool too. Its hard for Tara when she moves to a new school again. She is called a witch when certain things seem to happen around her. I like Tara shes a solid and strong character and she has enough to deal with in her life on top of being a senior and getting on the bad side of the schools cheerleaders aka the blonde mafia. I thought that was funny. She befriends a hottie named Flynn, he is the first to help here find a missing cheerleader and finds out he considers her his girlfriend... that makes Tara happy... All in all I liked this book and I will be looking out for the next installment in this mystery series....
review 2: Sharon Sala is a smooth author and there was little to
... more worry about her foray into YA fiction, the story was solid and I was pleasantly surprised to be left hanging on an unsolved point rather than reading a rush conclusion. I like the main character and I like her ghosts, although I would have liked to know more of their background. The love interest, Flynn, came across somewhat pale because I couldn't get a good fix on him. He didn't feel as fleshed out despite having more "screen time" than some of the other characters. Perhaps there was a formatting error in the Kindle version I got, but there were several instances of point-of-view change where someone else was suddenly narrating. It was obvious that it was a different person, but the editing there was odd since it looked no different than the preceding paragraph. Overall this was a light, pleasant read by a veteran author. Good job Ms. Sala, I'll be reading the next! (I need to know what happens!) less
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Since I didn't actually read this I cannot give it 5 stars. I only listened to it on Audible.
3.5 stars... Great story and characters but writing a little iffy
Kindle free download 10/19/11
Not bad for a quick YA read
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