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The Hidden Blade (2014)

by Sherry Thomas(Favorite Author)
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Sherry Thomas
The Heart of Blade Duology
review 1: I received The Hidden Blade from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This is a prequel to the My Beautiful Enemy novel. It explores the stories of the main characters in My Beautiful Enemy. Ying-ying in English/Chinese and trains in martial arts in secret. Leighton is in England and is trying to hide that he is gay while dealing with a brutal controlling uncle. They both are faced with very challenging situations. Some parts of the story move along quickly and others drag a bit. For quite a bit of the book the main characters are children and we don’t get much activeness until they have grown up. This is a great character builder prequel for My Beautiful Enemy. I really loved hearing the back stories of the characters before reading My Beautiful Enemy. It ... moreis a bit slow in parts but it was well worth the effort. I gave this prequel 3 stars.
review 2: What begins as a strangely disconnected tale of two youngsters, Ling-Ling and Leighton, growing up around the world from one another but with similar stories of sorrow. The death of her mother moves Ling-Ling from a life of sheltered luxury to the home of her mother's former protector, with no prospects for a future she trains under her Umah for the chance of something else. Leighton witnesses the death of his father, death by suicide after threats of incarceration in an asylum after being caught with his male lover. Trapped under the eye of his uncle, he dreams of being united with Herb, his father's beloved and his younger brother and mother. You couldn't get two stories further apart, and yet somehow it all worked. less
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Amazing! I'd love to see more works like this from Thomas! Her talent never ceases to amaze.
!!!!! WHY SO SAD?????? Ugh my beautiful enemy, the sequel, better give me a happy ending
loved it! ready to continue on with Yong-Ying and Leighton's story:)
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