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A Room Swept White (2010)

by Sophie Hannah(Favorite Author)
3.32 of 5 Votes: 4
034098063X (ISBN13: 9780340980637)
Hodder & Stoughton
Spilling CID
review 1: I've previously read 2 books by Sophie Hannah that I quite enjoyed. This one however I found quite bad. The story sounded interesting, but the book spends way, way too long on the inter-relationships of the policemen, and Fliss is a truly awful character. She's a wet blanket, keeps putting herself in stupidly dangerous situations and her love for her boss is truly pathetic. The resolution to the story is not interesting at all.
review 2: Quite a thought-provoking book with the emotive topic of cot-deaths behind the narrative. Fliss Benson,assistant to Laurie Natrass, has been asked by him to continue producing the TV programme he has master-minded on this topic when he leaves his job. Three women who were perhaps wrongly convicted of killing their babies
... morehave now been freed, and they are the subject of the programme. As Fliss continues to probe, her own tragedy begins to emerge. There are many strands to this story, many characters too. I didn't wholly beleive in any of them, nor were many of them in any way sympathetic. So whilst it was an interesting, even gripping story from time to time (what is the significance of those white cards with 16 numbers on each, distrubted to some of the characters in the book?), I don't feel moved to read any more of Hannah's books less
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This one didn't hang together as well as some of the others, and seems to be antivax to boot. Blerg.
Though entertaining, not likely to read more of her books.
Not the best of this series.
A 3 1/2-4 star read.
So -So
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