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La Cuna Vacía (2014)

by Sophie Hannah(Favorite Author)
3.32 of 5 Votes: 4
Spilling CID
review 1: So, I was sceptical of all the poor reviews. I mean, don't people rave about Sophie Hannah? Whilst I wouldn't describe this book as awful, it was Not. Good. Fliss Benson, the only first person narrator, is annoying, drippy, and generally pathetic, not to mention self-centred. These women we're meant to feel sorry for? Not feeling it. The only interesting character in the entire thing was Judith Duffy, who we actually meet exactly once. Other than that, there isn't really anything I like about it. And the ending. It isn't one, really, it's one of those 'make up your own mind' things.
review 2: RATING: 2.75Felicia "Fliss" Benson works for a media firm and has unexectedly been promoted to work on a documentary dealing with 3 women who were accused of murder after
... morethe crib deaths of their babies. When one of the women is murdered, the police become involved. However, most of the book focuses on Fliss digging up information for the documentary. There's a lot of psychological stuff going on. I didn't like or respect any of the characters, and the revelation around the main clue was ridiculous. less
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I didn't really finish it. It was too dark for me for some reason.
Three and a half starts. Good book. Lots of suspense.
Absolute shit. But at least I finished it
Not as good as her other novels.
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