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Kind Of Cruel (2012)

by Sophie Hannah(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 4
0340980699 (ISBN13: 9780340980699)
Hodder & Stoughton
Spilling CID
review 1: This book was just ok. I would have given it three stars, because I truly did like it until about the last 50 pages. I've gotten so used to Hannah's out-of-left-field plot twists that I was left completely unphased by the one in this book. I was disappointed that my own theories about how the book would end were actually more interesting (and seemed to fit the plot better) than the book's actual ending.
review 2: An intriguing tale covering topics of regression, hypnosis and psychotherapy. In attending therapy to cure her insomnia Amber Hewaldine not only becomes embroiled in a murder investigation but unravels the mysteries and secrets her subconscious has locked away and provides the key to the mystery of her sisters in law disappearance and subsequent r
... moreeappearance one Xmas. Whilst the plot has several twists and turns there are some unnecessary additions (such as the DCs hang ups) which seem only to be included to demonstrate the authors extensive research of how parental influence can shape personality dysfunctions. Interesting but not convinced by the hypotheses at the end as to why the murder was actually committed. less
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Deeply psychological. Not an easy read, very complicated, I loved it though.
The story was okay but didn't like the writing style.
Very entertaining.
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