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Dead And Buried (2013)

by Stephen Booth(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 4
1847444814 (ISBN13: 9781847444813)
Little Brown
Ben Cooper & Diane Fry
review 1: First Booth book to read. Another hyped up novel by the press. It needed a map. Not all of us are familiar with the B6061 or the A610. I became so confused with east west that I felt dizzy. Sometimes the writing felt like a lot of copy and paste: page276. "it was where David and Trisha Pearson should have been...." And page 278 " Pearsons ought to have been....". I didn't care for the feeling at the end that things weren't tied up. Why didn't the crime scene investigators go through the entire inn to begin with? Why wasn't the trash from the fire checked out. Did they find the bat? More about the cases and less about the moors. Again, a feeling of cut and paste describing the moors and what is lost when they burn.
review 2: This wasn't my favourite Cooper
... more and Fry novel....the prose seemed a bit laboured and the background Information about the Peak District/ wild fires/ farmers' worries a bit too earnest and heavy handed. The relationship between Cooper and Fry seemed more irritating than usual and Fry herself increasingly lacks any depth or substance as a character. That said, the plot was a good one and the book was entertaining less
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Tricky plot, interesting characters. Anyone liking British police procedural novels will enjoy this.
Would definately recommend. A page turner as you near the end!
another excellent read
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