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Död Och Begraven (2013)

by Stephen Booth(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 5
9175032511 (ISBN13: 9789175032511)
Ben Cooper & Diane Fry
review 1: Fires are burning across the moorland in this next installment in the Ben Cooper/Diane Fry series. The Light House is a pub that has been closed for a couple years but now it is in the path of the fires. Although the police have checked the area as the fires died down, it was Diane who entered the pub and found a body. Diane is her usual ambitious, caustic self and it’s usually Ben who is the target of most of her barbs. Gavin Murfin is counting the days until his retirement and is enjoying trading barbs with Diane. Murfin remembers the Light House quite well. Two years ago David and Trisha Pearson disappeared on a Christmas night and their bodies were never found. But the discovery of some of their belongings has Cooper and Fry trying to figure out if the current... more homicide and the Pearson’s disappearance are connected. Meanwhile Ben’s fiancée, Liz, is busy planning their upcoming wedding. Early on in the series I had thought Ben would be the one to thaw out Diane so I was surprised when Liz was thrown into the mix. As usual suspects lie and dangers abound as the bodies of David and Trisha are unearthed. Diane and Ben lock horns as Diane fights over investigative territories but it’s the ending that changes people’s lives and leaves the reader with one important question: What happens to Ben next?
review 2: I feel like it's a cop-out to say this is my favourite Cooper/Fry story because it is the newest (until June '13) but...It is!!! What a super story. Stephen Booth has taken things to the next level - on many fronts. You will go places you didn't expect - both in Cooper and Fry's relationship and with Ben's others relationships. But what really will get you is the ending. It is truly epic - Stephen will take you right to the edge (the Devil's Edge . Then he will let you look over that edge. However instead of letting you walk back to safety, he smiles at you and pushes you over. That is how you will feel when you finish this book. WOW... I can't wait to see where he takes us next..... less
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Still an excellent series but I may be biased being a Derbyshire boy and recognising all the places.
very good read.
very good book
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