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Jane Austen's First Love (2014)

by Syrie James(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 3
0425271358 (ISBN13: 9780425271353)
Berkley Trade
review 1: A very tempting title, isn't it, for someone who loves Jane Austen? What could be more perfect for a novel? But if I had to sum up this book in one word it would have to be BORING. I kept waiting and waiting for this book to "kick in" and it just never did. It was dull from the first page. I mean - seriously? - a whole chapter for the party guests to decide they are going to stage a play? Another entire chapter devoted to coercing the lady of the house to allow them to stage the play?? It was as if the author had very little material to work with and was doing her utmost to stretch the book out so it would be a respectable length. Made for very tedious reading. Also, it was obvious Ms. James was trying to incorporate Jane Austen's novels into the story which only served to... more make it feel disjointed. Huge disappointment, not only to Jane Austen fans, but to any reader who enjoys a story told well.
review 2: I received this book through First Reads and am glad I did! I would not have picked up this book on my own. A semester-long course on Jane Austen in college overwhelmed me. This was so enjoyable! It is the story of Jane's first love (as the title suggests) but it really shows the development of this young woman. There were so many fantastic characters introduced throughout the story to enhance the plot. I grew to love many characters and could not have predicted how it would all end. Worth picking up! less
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This was not interesting for me even though I am fan of Jane Austen's books.
Fun quick jane Austen style novel.
Enjoyed it.
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