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The End Of Me (2000)

by Tara Brown(Favorite Author)
4.28 of 5 Votes: 5
0991841166 (ISBN13: 9780991841165)
The Single Lady Spy
review 1: I don't even know where to begin with this review.I literally JUST finished it and am wanting to write this review so I can hurry up and start book two.First off I want to say I give this book 4.5 stars. I loved it.This book is very different from anything i've ever read. I had received this book from author Tara Brown when I contacted her about a blog I am apart of. She said to start with this book because it was her favorite. I went into this knowing NOTHING about the book and was instantly drawn in. I being a military wife love anything with a little bit of a "military feel" to it. I love that Evie was an ex-CI agent. I love that she gave up her life to be a good mother. Anyway. So the beginning of this book starts with Evie trying to hold herself together afte... morer the loss of her husband. Until she gets an unexpected visit that makes her wonder about what her husband was really up to behind her back."Your husband did something. I don't know what. But the man who sent that package, is the one who now owns your life."When an unexpected phone call comes from the package Evie is told she has to meet a Mr. Cooper at a hotel in Boston.There Cooper (also known as Coop) informers her of what her husband had been doing behind her back for the last several years. Evie is thrown back into the life of a spy and has to help clean up the mess her husband left behind.In order to insure her family is safe Evie has her mom take the kids into hiding while she cleans up James mess.Evie is sent to meet with the man who she thinks is responsible for her husbands death. Things get interesting (in a hot kind of way) when Evie finds herself attracted to Gustavo Servario. And I mean HOT. I was squirming in my seat at the sex scenes in this. HUBBA HUBBA. But wait… She's screwing the bad guy?Once things get rolling in this book you just have to sit back (and turn pages) and enjoy the ride because it's so unexpected that you're left in aww wondering what exactly just happened.Tara Brown throws a curve ball at the end that just about breaks your heart until you read…"See you at Christmas xoxo" Written on her bathroom mirror.I had to leave this review fairly vague because I didn't want to ruin the thrill of reading this for anyone. But I loved it!!! I am seriously off to start number 2!!!!-Holly with Pretty Lil Page Turners
review 2: I mean " really" I couldn't finished this book at all it was so disappointing to me. I don't understand all the high reviews for this book. First of all, Evie was the most stupid spy I ever read about. She was totally clueless about the world around her even though she took the years off to raise her family. She was oblivious to her husband philandering ways about her parents who turned out to be the same as her. This book was just everywhere for me the plot didn't hold my interest. The things they did to get her back in to save the country was to hard to grasp on. How in the world she was assigned to meet a murderer who killed her husband, by drinking and then having sex with him on his jet.Then she liked it and started to have feelings for him. The one guy who turned her world upside down. Evie is not a heroine in my eyes she needed to get her life back and take care of her kids and kept her legs close to murders!!! It was a horrible book rated one star. Would not recommend! less
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A great book! Very well written. Good suspense story, with humor, passion and sex. Loved it!
I really liked this book. Evie is a bit on the confused side but I enjoyed her character
Kept me on the edge ... I liked it a lot!
great read!!
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