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Tempted By His Kiss (2009)

by Tracy Anne Warren(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 5
0061673404 (ISBN13: 9780061673405)
The Byrons of Braebourne
review 1: The heroine of TEMPTED BY HIS KISS is a sometimes frustrating blend of level-headed maturity and naivety that begins as charming, then slowly becomes tiresome. Margaret Amberley, Meg for short, is quite enjoyable to read about as long as the hero, Cade Byron, doesn’t befuddle her senses. Cade Byron, not related to that Byron at all, isn’t so bad either, as long as he isn’t thinking about his actions too deeply.Their romance is sometimes awkward to fathom. Cade is stuck in the past, stubbornly determined to stay there even though it gives him nothing but pain, and Meg is content to let him make all the first moves, convinced that every time he does, he’s toying with her. Neither one is particularly good with expressing their feelings and both act as if the world wou... moreld end if they did.The surrounding cast of characters are lively and given enough development and meaning to justify future books that may feature them prominently. I would have liked to know a bit more about Cade’s younger sister Mallory—she wanders in and out of Meg’s world to be support for Meg—but I hope that a future book might enlighten us as to her particular future.There is some content that caused me to squirm a little—not any of the romance scenes—but some flashbacks from Cade’s (rather horrific) past tragedy. Nothing overly explicit, but the imagery leaves its mark for certain.All in all, I do look forward to the next Byron novel and did enjoy the fact that neither the hero nor the heroine gets off lightly for their ridiculous behavior and antics.
review 2: The story is about a wounder warrior - Cade Bryon recovering from his wounds and his loss of love. Meg Amberley ,the orphan takes shelter from the winter storm in Cade's residence. The rest is about the way she soften his drinking habit and get to pretend as his fiancee while she is hoping to find husband in the London ball.It was kind of predictable, but Ms. Warren's writing made it engaging enough to keep me reading the book. Plus, Cade and Meg were likable characters, so it was fun to follow the ups and downs in their relationship. less
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An enjoyable read and an excellent way to pass a few hours. Nicely written.
These Byron men are delicious. HOT
i love the Byron brothers ;)
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3.5 stars
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