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I Will Marry George Clooney (...By Christmas) (2014)

by Tracy Bloom(Favorite Author)
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0099594730 (ISBN13: 9780099594734)
review 1: If you can suspend your disbelief, this book will warm your heart all the way to Christmas! Far-fetched, yes; Hilarious, yes; dull moments to skim-read, no!I’ve heard great things about Tracy Bloom but this is the first title I have actually read and I wasn’t disappointed. A comical chicken caper with a heart of gold (you will need to just go with the ridiculously unreal storyline though, for the sake of entertainment…the road trip is particularly hilarious)I was delighted to receive a review copy via Netgalley and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect as Mr Clooney himself got hitched this very weekend.Despite all the loveliness, there was just one thing missing for me….I need that chicken recipe!
review 2: After reading "No - One Ever Has Sex o
... moren a Tuesday", Tracy Bloom's new book couldn't come out quickly enough. I loved her previous books and hearing the title of the new one I was already sold. I mean, "I Will Marry George Clooney (... by Christmas)" - isn't it a great, catchy title, suggesting a frothy, funny, festive read?But, having said that, in my eyes this book is different to the previous one. It's not so free, light and the writing is much more serious for my liking. But nevertheless, closing my eyes for the ridiculousness of the plot (I mean, oh gosh, yes, you can dream of marrying George Clooney, Brad Pitt or other Ashton Kutcher but you don't take is seriously, do you???) and going with the story, I enjoyed the novel.Although George has almost ruined everything with his marriage. Oh man, who has thought that he's finally going to tie the knot? And now? Just weeks before the book is out? Unbelievable :)So what is this ridiculous plot? Well, Michelle, working in a chicken factory, is going to marry George Clooney because she doesn't want her teenage daughter to have sex with her boyfriend on her 16th birthday, and George marrying her mother is the only thing that will make Josie to change her decision. Well, Michelle must try hard and hit on some very great ideas that should help to bring her to George, or George to her.Although Michelle seemed to be the most hated character, I didn't have a problem with her. Why most hated? Well, firstly, her daughter hated her. Secondly, her mother acted as if she hated her and she'd really regretted that it was Michelle's sister killed in the hit and run accident and not Michelle. Thirdly, Michelle seemed to hate herself. She has also made some decisions in the past that normally wouldn't win her new friends. She was unhappy with her life, with her past, she must have given up her dream job in London after getting accidentally pregnant and looked as if she still couldn't come to term with it, but she also did nothing to change something in her life. But. As the story continued, Michelle developed, made peace with some of her memories and people and she changed into more easygoing person, person who learnt how to follow her dreams and that grabbing life by its horns is not as difficult as it seemed to be.The characters, to be totally honest, were not the easiest to like, but on the other hand I think Tracy painted them as people really are. People with problems, people grieving, making wrong decisions and paying consequences for those decisions, people who live normal life, go to work every day, raise up children, people leading a normal, dull life, life without sparkles but well, this is life for you. Not all the characters in the books must lead pink, carefree, happy - go - lucky life.Michelle's life was flat but let's be honest, how exciting life can be when you're working in a chicken factory, and it was really great to see her blossoming with the idea of organizing a big party for the charity, she has finally something colourful and optimistic to look for. The road trip to Italy - a result of the charity party - was hilarious, with all the adventures, French officers on the border and food experiments, I think it was the highlight of the book. In my opinion, you have to have balls to just sit down in the car and drive through the whole Europe hoping you are going to see the most desired actor/bachelor of the world.To be totally honest with you, this book left me a little confused. I was expecting something different, something light, frothy, optimistic, full of funny moments and what I got is not so light - hearted story I was hoping for. It was more grim that I thought it's going to be, darker but I guess it was the author's intention, and that she wanted to show us that following your dreams is not a bad idea. You may not get this what you hoped for but still you can successfully change your life and be happy. There is really much more to this book than only George Clooney. I have enjoyed the story and hope for Tracy's new novel sooner rather than later.Copy received from publisher in exchange for a review. less
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Mindless and predictable lovely romantic twash with a comedy theme!
Great book very entertaining with some laugh out loud parts.
Frothy fun, but not a lot to it. Full review to follow.
A lovely light-hearted and humorous read.
Call it my guilty pleasure!
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