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Unwept (2014)

by Tracy Hickman(Favorite Author)
2.82 of 5 Votes: 3
0765332035 (ISBN13: 9780765332035)
Tor Books
The Nightbirds
review 1: Overall:This book felt very fresh. I was drawn in entirely by the mystery and found the writing to be skillful and elegant. Looking forward to the second book.Things I like: Handling of amnesia: so many books play with amnesia as a theme, as a plot device really, but don't touch on the emotional aspect. The mystery if this book places the reader squarely in our protagonist's perspective; never knowing whom to trust.Clever concept: the mystery at the heart of this story is quite original. Surprising and one that keeps you guessing. I especially liked the setting of the novel. I felt that the unusual time period deepened the feeling of mysterious familiarity.Things that I didn't like:The three main male characters all trespass against the personal space of women in the story... more, at the worst implying rape. This felt like overkill to me. One rapist/molester would have been enough.Main character agency: I expect that we well see much more purposeful action from her in the second book. Certainly, this book is about her discovering her strength, but it only glimmers at the end, I would have liked at little more mettle in the beginning. The scene with the doctor is still bothersome to me.
review 2: There are two reasons I picked up this book, and I'll lay them out for you. First off, Tracy Hickman is one of the authors. After feeding my imagination with Dragonlance books, and stealing me away into countless Fantasy adventures, I'm a fan of his. I'd give anything he writes a chance. So, when a new series comes out with his name on it? I'm sold. Second reason? The cover. It has a mysterious and gorgeous way about it that just called to me. I had a bad case of cover love, and I'm not afraid to admit it.Sadly, this wasn't the adventure that I was looking for. I'm honestly not sure what it was. Falling into Ellis' story was like waking up from a long coma. She has no idea where she is, who she is, or what's happened to her. I was initially okay with this. Characters who have to be built from the ground up can be interesting. I love discovering who they are, right along with them. The problem was, that just never happened. I finished the story. I made it to the ending. Yet I still have not one inkling of an idea who Ellis is.Herein lies the problem with Unwept. It's so completely confusing, that there's nothing to grasp onto as a reader. I couldn't connect with Ellis, because I didn't know who she was. I wasn't able to wonder about her story, because nothing happened. Then the ending, that wasn't really an ending, left so many things unexplained. In the opinion of this reader, if I had purchased this book I would have felt upset at the end. It feels like this entire story is nothing but a big lead up to prompt you to buy the next one. I'm okay with open endings, but if the ending leaves everything as a big pile of knotted up yarn? I'm annoyed. I wish I could give you more insight into this book, but I really can't. Most of this read just felt so empty that, by the time I reached the ending of Unwept, I had no strong feelings about it at all. Despite the two star rating, I'm still debating on whether I'd pick up the second book to see where things go. We shall see. less
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2.5 stars. Interesting premise and mystery but let down by the ending.
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Read 82 pages and thought life is too short and quit.
short but sweet. nice twists.
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