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Tales Of The Dragon's Bard, Volume 1: Eventide (2012)

by Tracy Hickman(Favorite Author)
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Shadow Mountain
Tales of the Dragon's Bard
review 1: I liken reading this delightful book to watching a fluffy mini-series. There are interesting characters, various stories that intertwine, and an arc that ties all of it together.The premise of the book is that, in exchange for NOT being eaten, the fancifully self-proclaimed Dragon's Bard goes about the world and collects stories. Once a year, he is to return to the dragon's lair and regale the old one with that year's harvest of tales. Thus, each book in the series is supposed to be a town in which the Dragon's Bard has visited.Eventide is among the first (though not THE first, as hinted in the book) stops in the Dragon's Bard's itinerant wandering. It is here that he and his long-suffering-but-silent scribe meet the young man Jarod Klum. Jarod is the factor's son and... more apprentice. He feels trapped in a dead-end job in a dead-end town. The only bright moments in his seemingly bland existence are when he sees and attempts to speak to the lovely Caprice, one of the three sisters who care for the town's broken Wishing Well.Charmed by Jarod's infatuation and bumbling, the Dragon's Bard magnanimously offers Jarod his help to woo and win the fair Caprice. This help is given whether Jarod wants it or not!The following chapters introduce new characters and their stories. The glimpses into their lives are presented as vignettes. While it initially seems that the new characters and their stories have much to do with the main story, you find that they all tie together to form a charming tapestry.You can't help but fall in love with the Gossip Fairy, Farmber Benis the centaur, and even the various busy-body women of the village. I laughed over the antics at the annual pie contest, Jarod's introduction into the so-secret-everyone-knew-he-was-to-be-inducted-before-he-did-society, and the overall task of getting Caprice to notice and fall in love with Jarod.The climax of the story involves two dragons, a cursed sundial, everyone in town, and the revelation of some town secrets.This is not a 'deep' book. It is light and light-hearted reading, fun, funny at times, and moving in others. I actually read this aloud to my husband and sons, who enjoyed the tale as well.We're looking forward to the other two installments of Tales of the Dragon's Bard.
review 2: I really, really, really enjoyed this book. I was trying to think of what I would compare it to, and the only thing I could think of was a cross between the Septimus Heap series and Little Women. I know...not even close to the same, and probably not even a good comparison, but somehow it reminded me of them.This book follows a dragon's bard (he collects stories to tell a dragon so the dragon won't go destroy everyone) as he settles down in the town of Eventide and proceeds to turn everyone's lives upside down. So cute, clever, funny, and even sentimental and touching at times. I loved hearing each person's story and seeing how their life changed due to this one guy coming, for better or for worse. There were so many fun characters. My only complaint with this book is that I wish there had been more. I wouldn't have minded a little more length and depth, but other than that I was happy. I highly recommend this book! less
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Loved this! Like a Shakespearean comedy! I highly recommend this one!
A bit slow moving but still interesting. Looking forward to Blackshore.
Should be made into a movie. Looking forward to next book.
A good simple book that made me laugh. Not too deep.
only read part of it.
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