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Wayne De Gotham (2013)

by Tracy Hickman(Favorite Author)
3.36 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: This was a very interesting read. The story was very intriguing and the descriptive powers of Tracy Hickman were palatable and fairly concise. The jumping between generations and characters was a bit too much for me to follow at times, but it worked well to keep the reader wondering what will happen and who was behind the mystery in present-day Gotham City. It is not a "must read" by any stretch. But, if you enjoy Batman stories and novels, this is a good book for you. I was not disappointed by the ending because it was familiar as a Batman fan, but it was probably the most well-written part of the novel.
review 2: What started out as a good premise ended in a confusing mess of a story that tainted the whole book. It started out as a story that explored the Way
... morene's life before Bruce was born. Things were happening in present day Gotham that took Bruce/Batman on a journey that paralleled his father's exploits right out of medical school (before he married Martha Kane, Bruce's mother). I was really digging the story and learning about Thomas and Martha and their life in '50s Gotham. That was all ruined in the last couple of chapters when the story came to a head and Bruce was thrust into a situation that mirrored the death of his parent's in Crime Alley. It was all too much. There were people from Thomas' past that had memories wiped and replaced and they were all setting up Bruce for what happened to their father at the hands of Thomas.I understand that it is a comic story, but it was WAAAAAAY out there and the last two chapters really ruined the book for me. less
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It's OK but the end was kind of a letdown. Some of it seems to take a cue from the Nolan movies.
good Batman story. an aged Batman takes on a mystery that shakes him to his very core.
This Batman novel explores Bruce Wayne's family in more detail.
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