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Sonunda Ben De Sevdim (2008)

by Victoria Alexander(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 4
994482478X (ISBN13: 9789944824781)
Epsilon Yayınevi
Last Man Standing
review 1: A good book, but not quite as catching as the others in this series. I enjoyed the premise and how Kathleen ended up with amnesia, and it was fun to see how Kathleen and Oliver interacted. I think the best part was near the end when Oliver was trying to leave only to find out that the wheel's on the carriages had been removed for repair, the saddles were being repaired, the bridge was out and finally there was a hole in the boat. What are the chances? Ok, well the first two were by design but the others pure chance! Another favorite part of this book and series for me was when all the men got together at the club and were talking.In the end this book was about a 3.5, maybe 4 stars. I still have to read the first book but I'm thinking that the series as a whole rates at 4.7... more5 stars!
review 2: Kate loses her memory and finds herself at Oliver's home, and there's a curse and stuff. This book was like that game Fortunately, Unfortunately that you play with a group of kids. Fortunately, these were two generally smart and straightforward people. Unfortunately, there was an idiotic plot device used to bring them together. Fortunately, they don't fall too far into the idiotic plot device. Unfortunately, just when you think everything's wrapped up, it gets stupid. Fortunately, they weather the stupidity, etc. etc. Separately, this was the least relevant title to anything in this book ever. less
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oddly simple romance, the guy actually falls in love with her very easily, and admits to it as well.
Lame. I feel like I just read three hundred somewhat pages of absolutely nothing.
Can this tired-ass amnesia ploy line please be outlawed?
Wonderfully written.I could not put it down
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