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E. Aster Bunnymund And The Warrior Eggs At The Earth's Core (2012)

by William Joyce(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 5
0060508329 (ISBN13: 9780060508326)
Laura Geringer Book
The Guardians
review 1: This was not as good as the book about Nicholas St. North because the Easter Bunny-excuse me-I mean E. Aster Bunnymund, was kind of an annoying character. And with he and North fighting amongst themself so much I just found myself cross with him. Aside from that I thought that the addition of Pitch’s back story was really touching and moved him from a typical bad guy who is just evil...well because he's evil, to a deeper more realistic enemy who has weaknesses as well as strengths. I mean after all, he was human once why shouldn't we as the reader get to see a sliver of what he was like when he was kind and had a heart?
review 2: Ombric, Nicholas, and Katherine are on the track to find an ancient relic that will help them in the capturing of Pitch, who has ra
... morevished Santoff Claussen and turn all the animals and parents into statues. The children were captured by Pitch and taken to the center of the earth. Pitch has left a ransom for getting the children back, he wants Ombric's library of magical books. The 3 hero's decided that Ombric must stay behind and release all the statues while Nicholas and Katherine head off to find the next relic guided by the magic sword given to Nicholas. When the get to the relic they find it is an egg and there is an friend that is older than Ombric. E. Aster Bunnymund aka easter bunny. Together they head to save the children and discover that Pitch is creating an army of fearlings that have iron armor that will block out the light and allow them to transverse during the daytime. What I really like about this second book is how the Easter Bunny and Bookworms are introduced into the fighting against nightmares(Pitch & the fearlings) Any child would like this series and find solace in the everyday tales they have heard from childhood. less
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My little guy loved it, once again. On to the next one...
More childhood magic!
so cute and funny
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