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Shelf Ice (2010)

by Aaron Stander(Favorite Author)
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Ray Elkins Mystery
review 1: I got this as a daily special on Kindle because it looked interesting and I know Michigan well. And I enjoyed it. The unnamed tiny town setting is somewhere reasonably close, but north of Traverse City. It's winter when these occurrences start and turns into much more than anticipated. The atmosphere and the feelings and relationships of the main characters are revealed in giving the reader an insight into the people...where they are going and where they are coming from. It starts with a murder and arson of a woman whom few would suspect, had any enemies. And it escalates and continues to escalate from there until the big final conclusion!
review 2: Definitely a book that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the biting arctic blast of winter
... more in Michigan's rural north; this book is an education in a whole nother existence. Fortunately, there are people who populate the state year 'round; not just summer visitors, but those who would watch over, serve and protect those who insist on staying in some of the worst weather conditions of the U.S. Ray Elkins, as sheriff of Cedar County, is one of these. Dedicated, smart, and seemingly inexhaustible, Ray confronts a possible home invasion and manages to survive his first deadly run-in with the perp. Ray's right hand man isn't quite so lucky--though he survives, will require weeks of healing, rest, and recuperation. In the meantime, obtuse Ray gets the chance to work with Sue, a CSI, almost equally dedicated; smart, efficient and a reliable pet sitter when she is thrust into the position. Sue is interested in Ray's faltering love life, but he fails to fathom the opportunity unless it knocks him over the head. Together she and Ray manage to discover the culprit, though some details are not laid to rest with the balance of the victims. The descriptions of the shelf ice, equipment required, and preparation of the kayaks were interesting, though I had a little problem with the physician who could compete successfully with Sue and was likewise went home alone. (Really needed a baseball bat for this guy!) Enjoyed the book downloaded from a Bookbub promo, but a little dissatisfied with the (possibly) all too realistic and abrupt ending. less
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Great mystery. Interesting characters.
Another enjoyable book in this series.
Disappointing. :(
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