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Shelf Ice (A Ray Elkins Thriller) (2010)

by Aaron Stander(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 2
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Ray Elkins Mystery
review 1: It's February along the shores of Northern Lake Michigan. A heavy blanket of snow has been building up in the woods since early November and the inland lakes have had a solid covering of ice since December. Shelf ice, stacked ten or fifteen feet in places, has been building on Lake Michigan for weeks. Sheriff Ray Elkins, responding to a late-night home invasion call, discovers the brutal murder of a local artist at her home deep in the woods. Elkins works to understand complex lives and relationships as he pursues a brilliant and brutal adversary.A group of teenagers, now adults, did wild crazy things at a private school in town. As adults they get together with the pastor of a new church and continue the sex and drugs. One of the women, Elise, thinks the pastor cares mo... morere about the artist, so the artist is killed. Others are killed in the group as well, by Elise, to protect her. She is finally killed.
review 2: This is good old fashion mystery. The setting for the story is obviously an area that the author is very familiar with and so our first emergence into the story is the local. is then character driven to the conclusion with an evenly paced and believable unfolding Once the reader is fixed into the setting, this author begins great character building. The story of events. The story is not driven by fast paced, cataclysmic scenarios, gun play and gratuitous gore but down to earth, unromantic detective work. A thoroughly enjoyable read. less
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I really like his books. The series is entertaining and the mystery lasts til the end.
Another great read. Looking forward to the next book in the series.
I jumped into the middle of this series and have been enjoying it.
4th in the series (after Deer Season)
Love this series
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