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Circle Of Heroes (2012)

by Adam Jay Epstein(Favorite Author)
4.36 of 5 Votes: 4
0061961140 (ISBN13: 9780061961144)
The Familiars
review 1: When the humans have their magic taken away, it falls to the prophesized familiars--Aldwyn, Skylar and Gilbert--to put down Paksahara, the villainous rabbit who is terrorizing Vastia through her control of the Shifting Fortress. In the second volume, the zombie army resurrected by Paksahara advances. This book opens with that army already destroying everything as it grows in size and moves across the landscape. (To be honest, the adult-me doesn't care much for this army of animal zombies. I'm thinking the child-me wouldn't have liked them much either, but--with all the zombie/vampire TV/movies out there--today's kids probably will eat it up.) So, to capture the Shifting Fortress commanded by Paksahara, the trio must procure a collection of animals, each a descendant o... moref the seven species that formed the First Phylum. Surrounding any of the three glyphstones could beacon the Shifting Fortress. But the zombie army is destroying glyphstones as quickly as possible, so rounding up the collection is a task that must be completed as quickly as possible and is accompanied by the risk of meeting the growing number of zombies summoned by Paksahara. This book completes the deeds prophesied for the trio's heroic feats and returns them to their human companions, but the conclusion certainly looks forward to more adventures for Aldwyn, Skylar, and Gilbert.
review 2: Circle of Heroes is a very good fantasy novel. The most clear theme is teamwork. On their quest, Skylar, Gilbert, and Aldwyn have to find a way for all the glyphstone animals to work together, especially Naven and Maravi. Anura needs to feel like the others aren't using her for her natural luck. And last but not least, the animals need to be able to work well with the only human, Galleon. Of course, that's no problem for Banshee. I think what Adam is trying to say about this theme is this: always work together. You can only get stronger. less
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Cute! I didn't find this one as gripping as the previous two books though.
how do you read this!!!
Sorta long and boring
it was pretty good
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