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House Of Small Shadows (2013)

by Adam Nevill(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 4
0230771998 (ISBN13: 9780230771994)
review 1: That was, by far, the singularly, most f*ed up book I think I have ever read. And I've read Lovecraft. I can't even figure out what just happened there at the end. I have never been so thoroughly disturbed. That's the mark of a great Horror book. But holy crap. I may never be able to sleep after this. Or look at dolls. Or old houses. Or people named Leonard, Maude and Edith. Especially old people named Leonard, Maude and Edith. I didn't like dolls and marionettes to begin with and this just solidified my fear. For good. Like woah. I've never been so psychologically scared either. This was truly a good novel. Kudos, Mr. Nevill. Kudos.
review 2: Amazingly slow paced and hard to get through... I just read the newest Rick Riordan book (in all it's four hundred and
... moresixty page glory), and did so in two days... It was a struggle just to put it down. With this book, its a struggle just to pick up. I've been trying to read it for a week. I simply can't work up enough interest in the plot to finish. It's really too bad, because the story definitely has potential. less
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Dolls never fail to be slightly creepy, this book will make you never look at them the same again!
I really hate dolls and puppets which made this book ten times worse for me
Did not like this book did not get into it at all so i didnt finish it
Horrible, doesn't make any sense. Total disappointment from Nevill.
I just couldn't finish this. I tried and tried.
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