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Unhinge The Universe (2013)

by Aleksandr Voinov(Favorite Author)
4.32 of 5 Votes: 1
1626490465 (ISBN13: 9781626490468)
Riptide Publishing
review 1: this was super impossible to stop reading. i did find the characterisations a little all over the place at times, and hard to pinpoint-- couldn't really get a general picture of them outside of their interactions with each other. although i guess that's part of the setting and circumstances and was probably intentional. it frustrated me a little though. otherwise i loved the impossibility of their relationship. i loved the way the sex mirrored their attitude to the parts they had to play in the war ("we don't have to choose sides"). and i loved the totally improbable but supremely satisfying happy ending.
review 2: I wish the authors had had more time to develop the characters. There was a scene where they started to ask each other personal questions that seeme
... mored like it was going to become a significant plot point, but then was dropped. As a result, John had almost no character. These were just two decent human beings with a strong physical attraction. The precise setting showed a lot of promise if it could have been fleshed out. The correspondence at the end and the attention to the months of limbo after the war were also interesting and fresh. Maybe a longer version ("director's cut") is possible? less
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War, loss, pain, discovery, trust, loyalty and LOVE... My kind of book ❤
couldn't get past the ss part
Whoa whoa whoa
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