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TIME RIDERS: The Doomsday Code (2014)

by Alex Scarrow(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 4
Elex Media Komputindo
review 1: As per usual, a super fun read! I think this has been my favorite book yet. I'm very interested in the Medieval period anyway, so it was a great to be immersed in it throughout the book and meets some very interesting characters. Also, I like the imaginings of what the future would be like if things had actually been changed in the past. I'm not sure I can imagine things actually ending up like the author imagines them, but it was fascinating... I can't imagine that technology wouldn't evolve if there wasn't a "United States" as we know it, but who am I to judge? I'm just happy to keep reading these books!
review 2: This book is amazing. The main plot of the series really starts to develop here, where in the second book it just only introduced a part of it
... more. It also paid more attention to that main plot in this book. I really like how it's almost like a mystery book at the beginning, where something changed and they have to go and find out when it happened, what happened, and they go and fix it. It's always interesting to see how these changes in history can create a whole new alternate one. The author does a great job of it and describing it. less
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Ristus miten koukuttava loppuratkaisu. Tapan kaikki, jos sarjan suomentaminen loppuu tähän.
really enjoyed this one but wish the ending was different
I love this series! Now onto the next one ...
So far the best!!!
love it
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