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The Waiting Stars (2000)

by Aliette de Bodard(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: I don't generally like to be able to see where the ending is going when there's still a good fifth of the story left, and that was the case with this. It began a little more hard-SF than I usually read (I'm reading it as a Hugo nomination, like several other reviewers here), but I got into it eventually. It's not bad, and emotionally it's quite well-written, but I'm not sure it would make me look for more of AdB's writing. Whether this is the best in its category or I prefer something else, time will tell; I've not been through the lot just yet. 3.5* rounded up to 4 for GR.
review 2: An excellent story. It follows two threads of story: salvagers trying to revive a family ship that was relegated to a ship graveyard during a war, and a group of girls who were “
... morerescued” during the way and brought up the Galactic way. At first it was not obvious how the two threads were related — apart from both parties being Dai Viet. Once it was revealed what the connection was, I experienced a “wow” moment as everything slotted together and the thrust of the story changed. What I had been reading as a sort of war-induced Stolen Generation type of story turned into something both completely different and chillingly not. less
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This was an interesting one...What does it mean to be "other" and does having a mind make you human?
Fascinating concept of starships, very interesting story.
Nebula award winner 2014. Very good.
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