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A New York Christmas (2014)

by Anne Perry(Favorite Author)
3.48 of 5 Votes: 5
0345548469 (ISBN13: 9780345548467)
Ballantine Books
Christmas Stories
review 1: What the heck is this? Can you guess i wasn't impressed? I get it, it's a novelette and the "mystery" needs to be wrapped up in a hundred odd pages but sheesh, I feel like there was hardly any effort put into this at all. It was transparent and pretty obvious early on what was going on and yet for being such a "smart" girl, it took Jemima a while to figure it all out. And yet did not take her very long to say "oh YA I'll marry you mr Patrick police man who I only just met Cuz I was accused of a murder I didn't commit and don't know anything about you but I wasn't adventure" ugh!
review 2: This was a short and overall entertaining read, though a little rough around the edges in terms of plot and conflict. I've never read this author before, and I knew this was a
... more companion novella to a long series of well-established characters, which is perhaps why I felt a bit lost at times. But Jemima was a likable heroine and it was fun to see turn-of-the-century New York through her young, English eyes. An engaging, cozy whodunit to help pass a couple wintry hours. less
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Excellent mystery,though easily solved. I always look forward to Perry's annual Christmas story.
Loved Jemima,s story. Hope the author will do more. Where will she be?
Good mystery. I didn't guessed it.
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