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Farside (2013)

by Ben Bova(Favorite Author)
3.07 of 5 Votes: 5
0765323877 (ISBN13: 9780765323873)
Tor Books
The Grand Tour
review 1: This book was weak in a lot of ways. There are infodumps "cleverly" disguised as personnel files. People's motivations are repeatedly pointed out unnecessarily. Although I try to overlook sexism in older works it's simply unacceptable in a book published in 2013, though the book does have a female protagonist there are no worries about running into a "strong" female character. You could chalk some of the misogyny up to one womanizer-type character but really it's part of the fabric of the book. The premise is similar to some of the stories in I, Robot but drawn out and not nearly as well thought out or interesting. The build up and office intrigue are tedious and the final reveal falls flat.
review 2: I like most Bova books but this one just left me cold. Bov
... morea can put together a good story and Farside is not exception. The story line was well though out but the story needed more than that. The characters were wooden. There were several times where the time line just did not make sense. A character who was suppose to leave at the end of one month just kept appearing even though weeks and weeks had passed. I have to wonder is Bova too big to edit? less
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I wouldn't choose this as a re-read. It was fair.
A 1960s hard-scifi written in the 2010s.....
Bland, predictable, shallow, forgettable.
Not bad but not memorable.
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