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The Pre-Nup (2008)

by Beth Kendrick(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 2
0385342233 (ISBN13: 9780385342230)
Bantam Discovery
review 1: This book started out great. The friendship between the three main characters is solid and believable. Each of the three main storylines is interesting and entertaining. It's a quick piece of chick-lit reminscent of Beth Harbison's books. I read most of the book over the course of two days, and then I entered a section that I found boring and confusing. I don't know if too much is going on or not enough is going on--all I know is that I stopped reading. I'm sure I'll finish the book so that I can mark it "read" on goodreads but I'm not sure I'll read another book by Kendrick. Update: Finished the book. My opinion didn't change.I'm going to rate this with three stars because I didn't hate it--I just didn't love it.
review 2: Loved, loved, loved this one!
... more Read it in one day and then frantically searched for more books by Beth Kendrick. Many parts were unpredictable with a few twists and turns that I wasn't expecting from this kind of book. I loved the three main characters and seriously rooted for them the whole way through. When they were angry, I was angry. When they were happy, I was happy. Can't wait to read more books by this author! less
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It was okay. A little depressing at times. I need to read some more of her books.
Confusing, busy, busy, difficult to keep straight. Didn't like this one much.
Funny, easy read. Read it in one sitting.
Decent read, but very predictable.
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