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Abandon (2009)

by Blake Crouch(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 3
0312537409 (ISBN13: 9780312537401)
Minotaur Books
review 1: An interesting premise - in 1893 an entire town's population in Colorado disappears, in 2009 a group comes to try to find out why or how. I had some trouble bouncing back and forth between time periods. The author liked to insert language from the time period, but it was often given without any explanation. Even trying to find a meaning by Googling words or phrases was usually unsuccessful or too intrusive to the reading process. So many deaths that I wasn't sure anyone would be left standing at the end.
review 2: I'll admit that I chose the book for the spooky cover and the fact that I've seen the name Blake Crouch all over Amazon and needed to see for myself if his books were any good. I enjoyed the structure of the novel, which bounces between 1893 and 20
... more09. I had believed that the story was going to have more of a paranormal undertone, but it read more like a cross between a thriller and a western. At times, there was a little too much murder and mayhem; but, overall, this was a very satisfying read. I'll be sure to read Blake Crouch's other titles. less
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Creepy...simply, creepy. Loved the story telling from two different times.
yeah ok i guess
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