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The Water Witch (2012)

by Carol Goodman(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 2
0091940206 (ISBN13: 9780091940201)
Ebury Press
Fairwick Chronicles
review 1: The much anticipated follow-up to Dark's/Goodman's The Demon Lover. Professor Callie McFay's folkloric adventures continue in the enchanted town of Fairwick as she and the other mythical creatures struggle against the stifling power and influence of members of the elitist witch coven The Grove. Caught between a responsibility to her friends and colleagues and the influence of her powerful grandmother, Callie struggles to come to terms with her newly discovered magical abilities.
review 2: I am giving it an over generous 3 but anyway... I wonder why the author keeps throwing in gratuitous sex scenes with a demon lover other than to get more readers? It all seems very unnecessary. She has enough of interest to keep the story going. I must say it took me to near
... morethe end of this second in the series to get interested in the whole fairy world thing. I just find the main character so irritating and such a slut:)) and so dumb. And she can't even pronounce her own name correctly!! less
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Not as good as the first. Hopefully the final book in the series will be better
great sequel to the first book. looking forward to reading the 3rd book
I'm going to keep reading.
Love love love it
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