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Blythewood (2013)

by Carol Goodman(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 2
0670784761 (ISBN13: 9780670784769)
Viking Juvenile
review 1: Oh my God there are just few little words to describe this book in. Very few spoilers. you have been for warned. I loved how Goodman made you think you were in the present time and then turned around to a different era completely. I love the story and the way it makes you want to melt and continue on with the story Avaline tells about dark and light. It's amazing the way humans thought of the Faries as evil creatures when really it was the tenbrae all along. The amazing thing is we still don't know who Avaline's father really is. Maybe Sir Samsbury will know. I wonder who will survive in the end.
review 2: I know there a lot flaws in this book, but the plot itself was innovative and very interesting. The pace could be called slow, but when you're on a 12 hou
... morer road trip, that doesn't really matter. I was rushing to finish it, because I really wanted to see how it would resolve itself. I was enjoying the book, but it was about halfway through that I realized I had no opinion whatsoever on the main character. Probably because she doesn't really have a personality. At all. I tried searching for definitive signs of one, but it was hard to find any that were actually noticeable. Perhaps the only out of the ordinary thing about her is her heritage, which was rather obvious to guess for me but still interesting, but not much else. I think the character that stood out to me the most was Helen, because she's the kind of character that in most books the MC hates- she is pompous, and raised in a well-to-do and well known family, so she looks down on people but in a way that is natural to her until she is called out on it. I quite liked her, and the Darkling was intriguing but the last few sentences of the book resolved nothing and now I dread that he will tell her he is her father. less
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Bonus points for tying the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire to the Titanic. And then adding a faerie twist.
I loved this book it has the genes i love and amazingly written. Its a must read.
Waiting impatiently for the sequel...
Enjoyable fluff.
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