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Ravencliffe (2014)

by Carol Goodman(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 3
067078477X (ISBN13: 9780670784776)
Viking Juvenile
review 1: I loved Blythewood and was anxiously awaiting Ravencliffe, hoping for the same kind of magic. This sequel was such a disappointment. Spoilers ahead: The plot slogged on with bizarre events and everything plus the kitchen sink thrown in the mix (weird dancing hypnosis to dupe girls into marrying creepy old guys? What the hell was that!? And along with the Titanic, which by the way is all Ava's fault for sinking -snort-, why not throw a bomb in the mix, and also: RELEASE THE KRAKEN. Just cuz.), little to no character development (or none of actual consequence or interest): Daisy is a suffragette yet she's still obsessed over Mr. Appleby, Helen loves Nathan but loves Marlin more, Etta is special girl who sees things, all of a sudden Miss Corey loves Miss Sharp even though Sh... morearp liked that male teacher in the last book ... Whatever. I just didn't care.) And Ava's story in this book is what irked me the most. She becomes a Phoenix, or in other words, a super special special girl and now she's part of a prophecy. She shows no real insistence or sorrow when Raven disappears under the ice to go look for the apparent love of her life. Oh yeah and she kinda loves Nathan... Lamest love triangle ever. Her character becomes totally one dimensional in Ravencliffe and it makes me soooo sad because I had such high hopes after a great start to the series. I might still read Hawthorn, in hopes of the story getting back onto the rails, but Ravencliffe was simply a dud.
review 2: Ahhhhh omg I absolutely love love love this series!!! Raven disappeared for a little bit of it and I got so worried. Then Avaline Hall found him in the hellgate behind the kraken in the dungeons!i love how the darklings and human's formed the Fledgling League. At first I thought Raven was starting to fall in love with Ruth and was ready to march in the book and yell in his face "NO!" Lol, but I can't wait for the next book! I would sooo recommend this series if anyone wants to just escape this world for a little bit. less
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Review to come - overall I liked this sequel a lot.
Really good!
4.5 stars
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