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This Is Not Forgiveness (2012)

by Celia Rees(Favorite Author)
3.24 of 5 Votes: 2
1408817691 (ISBN13: 9781408817698)
Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
review 1: You can't fault Celia's plotting and the voices of her characters. This is a misadventure to enjoy. Caro and Rob cynically manipulate Jamie to take a step too far. Reminiscent of Les Liaisons Dangereuses and Doris Lessing's 'The Good Terrorist'. In well crafted smooth prose, Celia tells the story from three points of view, not all of them likeable but all recognisable. Caro's tinkering with the occult leads her to more dangerous fields and you can't escape the sense of impending disaster. Artful but not all fun to read, a bit like life.
review 2: I like Celia Rees a lot. She's a brilliant writer and an absorbing storyteller. It was nice to read something written by her that wasn't historical fiction, even if it was quite an uncomfortable process. There are a lo
... moret of adult themes in this book, but the way they are written (through the three different character perspectives) is interesting and maintains the momentum of the story. A bold book and sure to be popular with teenage readers. less
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A solid four star until the end. Ending was rushed and didn't do the rest of the book justice.
Enjoyed it - light read. Couldn't connect to any of the characters/story - wasn't PART of it.
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