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Deadlocked (2012)

by Charlaine Harris(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 1
1937007448 (ISBN13: 9781937007447)
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Sookie Stackhouse
review 1: This series has been dying a slow and painful death for several books now and even though there is purportedly only one book more, I just can't be bothered to spend the time or the money on it. So tired of reading about/listening to Sookie having serious thoughts while she works as a waitress (and nothing exciting happens) and thinking things over while she does her laundry (and nothing exciting happens) and pondering her choices and wants and needs while she picks up her mail and goes grocery shopping (AND NOTHING EXCITING HAPPENS). That's it, Charlaine Harris. I'm out.
review 2: If you are planning on reading the Sookie Stackhouse series, do not, DO NOT, start at #12 like I did. Trying to keep track of the characters mentioned (and there are a lot of them) fr
... moreom earlier books in the series is daunting and a lot of them are just that - mentions without being part of the current action. (To be fair, I did give up on this one at the 75% mark. Maybe they all showed up after that.) The action begins about a third of the way through when a young woman's body is found in Eric's front yard and Mustapha goes missing. I thought the book would pick up at that point but, alas, no. There are references to these happenings but most of the story returns to remembrance of things in earlier books and the day to day bits of Sookie's life. For avid readers of this series, this revisiting of events might be fun but, new readers, beware. Start somewhere else, if at all. less
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The very last chapter of this book completely saves it from a 2 star rating.
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