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Young Samurai: The Ring Of Sky (2012)

by Chris Bradford(Favorite Author)
4.4 of 5 Votes: 5
Young Samurai
review 1: "The Ring of Sky" by Chris Bradford is about an english warrior called Jack who got shipwrecked on the coast of Japan, he wants to find a ship bound to England so that he can see his sister again but the Shogun, a group of warlords, are after him. So he finds a group of friends he can trust and tries to go to the Port of Nagasaki to find a ship. In the end he reaches the port after a long time of fighting and bloodshed.Themes:FriendshipLoyaltyCourageHope
review 2: Jack's journey brought him to Nagasaki. Along the way, he met Benkei, Junjun, Yori, Saburo, Miyuki and Akiko. Together they helped a village of Christians and were almost burned at the stake. Kazuki also got to know of Jack's whereabouts and ambushed Jack. He was also almost burnt at the stake. But Ma
... moresamoto came at the last moment to announce that the Shogun had died. And that Jack had been pardoned. Luckily, there was a Dutch ship that was willing to send Jack back to England. Yori and Akiko agreed to follow him home. Jack felt complete with Akiko's presence and was assured with Yori presence. He was finally going back to see Jess. less
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Got old fast. Jack gets in trouble, and is then saved by his friends. That is the entire book.
A good way to end the series - lots of twists and surprises...
A new friend,an old rival and a evil master.
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