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Cinderella, Vol. 2: Fables Are Forever (2011)

by Chris Roberson(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 3
1401233856 (ISBN13: 9781401233853)
review 1: Really disappointing! It's noticeable that Willingham isn't participating in this spin-off, as the story reads like any cheap spy novel with a predictable ending. And I didn't like who the villain turned out to be here either. This is starting to look like a pattern that they take a character that's usually lovable in the mainstream version and turn them into unredeemable baddies? Seems so to me, as this is the second such case.
review 2: Another really fun romp. Cinderella is asked by Beast to figure out whodunnit and shows her the the only clue: a silver shoes charm. He thinks that is supposed to refer to Cinderella. Cindy knows better. She knows exactly who it is. If you have been reading your literature rather than just watching it, you should know too. Wh
... moreat follows goes back and forth between the present and past to explain how and why the baddie became the baddie and you want Cindy to win but she is just barely holding her own. Will she avoid the really surprising appearance of the baddie during their current fight? Will she win or be killed off? The Baddie is pretty vicious but still, only human as opposed to say, Mr. Dark. The problem is, so is Cindy only human. Although she did go visit Frau Tontenkinder before leaving on this trip. Just dive in and enjoy! SIGH, I wonder if I can ask my supplier to bring the Jack series next time we meet? This is the last Cinderella one out right now. Boo Hoo!!!!! less
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it jumped back and forth a lot between the past and present, which I didn't care for.
This could have been so much better.
Not really interesting.
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