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Midnight Games (2013)

by Elle Kennedy(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 4
0451240022 (ISBN13: 9780451240026)
Killer Instincts
review 1: This instalment in the Killer Instincts series was actually better than I was expecting - neither Isabel nor Trevor have been my favourite characters thus far, so I wasn't sure how much I'd enjoy their book.Answer? More than I'd thought - enough to suck down the entire story in a couple of days. I liked that the author was actually willing to kill off a couple of characters - and I have no doubt we'll see the repercussions of that in future books. Plus the plot moved fast, the sex was reasonably hot, and the banter was all I could have wished it to be. On the b-characters side, I'm totally loving the twisted, no-strings relationship between D and Noelle and can't wait for his book (note: for the love of all that is holy, Ms Kennedy, please don't go the Zarek and Vishous ... moreroute and have twu wuv declaw him - we like him the way you've written him for a reason!). And I'm kind of enjoying the mystery around what's going on with Morgan too.All in all, this was a solid addition to the series, and one that had me immediately reserving the next instalment for the library the moment I finished it.
review 2: Review courtesy of dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: Nonstop action and incredible tension keep you hooked until the very end.Opening Sentence: “He called again last night.”The Review:Midnight Games starts off with a bang (literally) and doesn’t stop until the end. Jim Morgan’s crew is in between jobs and are celebrating the recent marriage of Kane and Abby (from Midnight Rescue) at Jim compound in Mexico. The happiness doesn’t last long when the compound is attacked and bombed. Several people die which gets this book off to a depressing start. In the meantime, Trevor and Isabel have had a rocky relationship. Trevor has made his feelings known to Isabel but instead of reciprocating, she leaves and disappears on Trevor for many months. Isabel arrives at the compound just before the attack but she still can’t bring herself to tell Trevor why she left him. I really enjoyed their nervous tension around each other at the beginning of the novel.After the attack, Trevor lets Isabel off the hook long enough to come up with a plan to find out why the compound was attacked and to find out where Jim Morgan is. The team has been trying to contact their leader but he seems to have disappeared too. Isabel takes the team members to a mansion in California that is owned by the fearless and badass Noelle. She is the leader of the female operatives, who are often used as assassins or “chameleons” infiltrating enemy groups. Isabel is one of her “chameleons”. Noelle hates Jim Morgan and doesn’t want to be involved in this mess but eventually she caves and helps Jim Morgan’s team to find out the answers they have been seeking.Trevor spends much of the novel trying to prove why he feels the way he does for Isabel. Trying to prove to her that she needs him and that she can trust him. That she doesn’t always need to run away from her feelings. Isabel is trying to figure out why her numb outer & inner shell is cracking towards his warmth and love. Isabel is always hiding behind her other characters while Trevor is trying to prove that he loves Isabel and not just one of her other creations.Trevor and Isabel are my favorite characters in the series so far. Isabel is just so complex and I like how Trevor had been trying to win her over for a while now. I really enjoyed the tension between them. Trevor does start to get a wee bit overprotective of Isabel which is kind of annoying, especially when she is so good at what she does. I don’t really see how they could work together on any future jobs but that may be remedied in one of the sequels.Along with the couple, this has to be my favorite book in the series thus far. Sadly, I knew who one of the people getting killed before the scene even happened, which made me mad but at the same time I wasn’t expecting it to happen so quick. I feel like there is a theme for that in these novels which I hope never happens again.There is a crazy side story with Noelle and D. It’s there to set up a future story with Noelle but it really shows how both of these people have virtually no feelings and are almost entirely selfish. It also made me want to read this story fast enough to get to their stories but sadly neither of those have been released just yet.Overall, this was a very good novel, with lots of action and lots of mystery. The tension could almost be cut by a knife. Midnight Games could be read as a standalone but I don’t think you could grasp the tension right away or keep track of the huge cast of characters from the beginning.Notable Scene:Meiro spoke after they’d settled on a plush burgundy couch. “Nothing is wrong. To be honest, I’m captivated by your overwhelming beauty and I’m having trouble concen­trating on anything else.”Trevor made a sound of disgust that rumbled in her ear.Once again, the disturbance snapped her right out of character. For a second, she couldn’t formulate a single re­sponse to Meiro’s gruff admission.Shit. Fucking shit. Flirting came as naturally to Valerie Parker-Smith as brushing her teeth in the morning. She didn’t get flustered or hesitate or forget how to string to­gether a few seductive words to create a provocative re­sponse.A spark of anger lit Isabel’s belly. This wasn’t the way she operated, damn it. She worked solo, not with a team, and she certainly didn’t have someone blabbering in her ear in the middle of an op.“I do tend to have that effect on men,” she said cheekily, finally managing to regroup.When she crossed her legs, Meiro’s dark eyes instantly homed in on the creamy expanse of thigh revealed by the dress’s perilously high slit. Appreciation and desire washed over his face, fueling her returning confidence.His voice lowered to a smoky pitch. “Tell me about your­self, chérie. I want to know everything about you.”She raised her eyebrows. “Everything?”“Everything.” Meiro slid closer. So close she could smell his spicy aftershave again, feel the heat of his body. He placed a hand on her knee, his touch possessive. “I want to know you inside and out.”Sullivan laughed in her ear.Isabel had officially had enough.Fortunately, the waiter chose that exact moment to ap­proach their table with a bottle of Romanée-Conti and two wineglasses in his hands.Meiro insisted on uncorking the expensive vintage him­self, and Isabel waited until he was focused on the task be­fore reaching up and unclipping her right earring. She let the dangling string of diamonds slip through her fingers and land in her lap, then released an exasperated squeal.“This bloody clasp!” she huffed. “This is the third time tonight it’s come undone by itself.”Meiro glanced over with an indulgent smile. “Perhaps the hotel jeweler can take a look at it.”She feigned annoyance. “Yes, I might need to get it fixed. For now, I’ll just take them off before I end up losing one.”With a sigh, she removed her other earring and pro­ceeded to drop both into her clutch.Then she snapped the little purse closed.Effectively cutting off contact with the team.FTC Advisory: Signet/Penguin provided me with a copy of Midnight Games. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review. less
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4.5/5 starsEnjoyed the twists and turns.
3 stars – Romantic Suspense
3 1/2 stars for me
very good book
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