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It's Time To Sleep, My Love (2008)

by Eric Metaxas(Favorite Author)
4.12 of 5 Votes: 2
0312383711 (ISBN13: 9780312383718)
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review 1: I know I've raved about the Kohl's Cares program in the past, so today I will try to contain myself. Still, a beautiful, hardbound book for $5, and the proceeds go to a cause that helps children -- what's not to love?Even though there were four titles available the day I went to Kohl's, I settled for two and bought the plush animals that went with both titles. When I flipped through It's Time to Sleep, My Love, I fell in love with the tiger illustration: It is breathtakingly beautiful. My son wanted a panda bear, and since the panda bear went with the book, this book was an easy choice.All the illustrations in the book are stunning. The writing is broken down so there are only a few lines of text per illustration; therefore, more stunning illustration. The text originally ... morewas a song, so naturally it reads like a well-rhythmed poem. The writing is good, but honestly I don't think you buy this book for the writing. You buy it for the spectacular artwork. And the panda. And to benefit children.
review 2: Just awful. Syrupy, saccharine verse, accompanied by digitally manipulated photos that look like 'how to' illustrations from Dummies' Guide to Photoshop v. 2.5 (CD-ROM edition). This is the kind of book that inspires fury at the injustice in the world. One imagines Tillman and Metaxas as long-con grifters, having money-fights in the back of a limousine as they spend 15 minutes writing and illustrating their next best-selling plate of tripe. Metaxas, incidentally, has a parallel career as a right-wing pseudo-intellectual, and author of biographies that are quickly discredited by genuine scholars. I apologize for the snark and harshness, but I am truly offended by this crassly commercial money-grab. There are so many genuinely beautiful and sweet books that you could read to your kids; please don't waste valuable, irreplaceable minutes of your one and only life on this sorry waste of paper. less
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This is such a sweet bedtime book! It goes through different animals going to sleep at night!
I know it is about a dream, but it was a little obscure and "out there" for me.
My favorite bedtime book! I especially enjoy turning the pages!
Favorite story to end night time story time
love the illustrations
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