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Magic Gifts (2011)

by Ilona Andrews(Favorite Author)
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Ilona Andrews
review 1: not much to say about this bc it was so short, but this was fun :) i loved the draugr, and it's always fun watching kate know more than ghastek & one-up him. her relationship with curran is so fucking funny, i can't deal with them. will never get over kate so casually calling julie her kid, godthe graphic depictions of child abuse in this refer to a mother deliberately shoving a necklace around her child's throat to save her husband because she knows the necklace will kill him, but doesn't care that it will also kill her child. roderick, her son, isn't harmed at first, but as time passes & the necklace gets "hungrier" it tightens more & more around his neck, & if kate & curran didn't find out how to save him would eventually have killed him.
review 2: Magic Gif
... morets is a short story by Ilona Andrews that focuses on Kate and Curran. Also very loosely in this plot is Andrea Nash, Jim, and Ghastek the navigator. In this story Kate and Curran go out to eat a nice dinner at a local Koren place when a death takes place in the restaurant they are eating at. Two vampire navigators are eating right beside them when one of the two is killed by a magic necklace the male gives his girlfriend. When the people show up to help clean the scene up the mother of the dead girl shows up with her husband and her son. When the necklace is picked up the mother places the necklace on the boy. Now the race is on to figure out how to take the necklace off the boy before it can kill him. Once again Kate delivers a kick ass rescue that takes all of her skill and knowledge to perform, of course she does have a little help. less
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Jetzt hab ich noch mehr Sehnsucht nach Kate und Curran Büchern als vorher!
Liked this better than Gunmetal Magic actually.
Aww, bylo to zkrátka božské! :)
re-read 7/30/14
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