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The Kill Order (2011)

by James Dashner(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 19
0385742886 (ISBN13: 9780385742887)
Delacorte Press
The Maze Runner series
The Kill Order is one more amazing novel, written by American writer of young-adult fiction and fantasy series James Dashner, in fact this is a prequel to the famous trilogy “The Maze Runner” in a sense. Before everything what had happened with Thomas, before the Maze and the experiment department WICKED, there were sun flares, which hit the Earth and caused a terrible disease. Two main characters, Trina and Mark, managed to survive. Now they have to face with more terrible situation. They have to find a solution and save the planet.
The new world by James Dashner is terrible and astonishing at the same time. The new adventures for brave Trina and courageous Mark are expecting the readers. The unpredictable plot and breathless scenes cannot cause indifference. Thanks you, James, for n
... moreew emotions and unbelievable feelings!
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