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Dayhunter (2009)

by Jocelynn Drake(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 1
0061542830 (ISBN13: 9780061542831)
Harper Voyager
Dark Days
review 1: This is obviously a series that is only intended to be complete at the end of the series--each book doesn't read like a standalone story at all, just one more step in the overall arc. So, it's fine, but it's going to be hard to judge until it's all over. The developing relationship between Mira and Danaus continues to be the most intriguing aspect; everything else tends to be fairly stereotypical vampire politics.
review 2: I still like the idea of the main character. She's very tough, knows what she wants and doesn't let anything hold her back. This read like it should have been included in with the first book though. It's been long enough since I read the first that I would have liked having some info recapped for me but that didn't happen. I still had
... morethe gist of what happened so I wasn't totally lost. It's very violent and filled with conflict. We finally learned a little more about Danaus but it's hard to believe that he's so narrow-minded while willingly helping Mira. We're still not told everything that is going one. Lots of different factions have their own agendas that seemingly contradict their best interests. It's crazy and convoluted.I'll read the next in the series but I'm not certain I'll read all six books. less
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I'm getting tired of the whole control thing. Come on already--break it.
Great book I like this series. The author is good.
Mira sleeps with everyone but him! Why?!
Great series
Good stuff!
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