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La Grande Guerra (2014)

by Joe Sacco(Favorite Author)
4.35 of 5 Votes: 5
8817075140 (ISBN13: 9788817075145)
Rizzoli Lizard
review 1: This book is an intellectual investment that should be savored and valued as an heirloom to be passed on to future generations.The format is unique. The art is stunning. The scope is amazing. And the lesson is timeless. Combined with Adam Hochschild's essay on the significance of the Battle of the Somme (which was adapted from his incredible book, To End All Wars), Sacco's vision can be studied for hours.One of the most impressive works of history I have ever had the honor to experience.
review 2: It should be said: This is not a "book" (insofar as books are things you read over a period of time), nor is it a "graphic novel" (insofar as graphic novels are things you read and look at over a period of time). It is a piece of art.It has no dialogue, no pages and n
... moreo narrative. It's beautifully done, don't misunderstand me, it will look great on a coffee table, but it is neither a book nor a graphic novel. And many descriptions don't make this very clear. Just FYI. less
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Take the time to really look at the panorama before and after reading the accompanying text.
A panorama lasting a 100 pages.
3.75 stars
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